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PC Software Player

Play immediately after installation on PC, adjust your playlist and voice announcements freely. Control your player anytime and anywhere simple brower login.


Web Player

Play immediately after online login on your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone’s browser anytime. Control your player anywhere and anytime by simple browser login.

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 Hardware Player

Designed for high-end business spaces, automatic music and voice announcement playback, controlled and monitored by our technical team remotely.

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Service Plan

Choose the most suitable plan by your demand

Business Class

Get access to all pre-programmed channels and regular library. Play music in a moment by clicking a channel, or arrange your own playlists. Full control to your background music anytime and anywhere, flexible arrangement of voice announcements.

100+ Pre-programmed Channels | Hand-picked Styles

Instant Voice Announcements | Custom Playlists

Monthly Subscription

Custom Business Class

The playlist designed for your business spaces by our professional music deginers with friendly counseling according to brand identity and corporate culture, get access all pre-programmed channels and arrange voice announcements freely.

Custom Playlists | 100+ Pre-programmed Channels

Hand-picked Styles | Instant Voice Announcements

Monthly Subscription

Premium Business Class

Forget about all trifles about background music, our professional designers take care of everything for you after friendly counseling, demonstration and detailed design scheme provided. Get premium tracks for the best matching of your business spaces.

Custom Playlist | Quarterly Updates

Voice Announcement Recording | Full Arrangement

Annual Subscription

An Abundant Library

We have professional B2B catalogues from Europe and North American, include all genres, perfectly
fulfill all needs for background music service.

Pre-programmed Channels

We provide hand-picked playlists, easy to choose, one click to accomplish comfortable atmosphere.

Custom Service

We design playlists for you by studying brand identity and customer base if pre-programmed channels
cannot satisfy your higher requirements.

Voice Announcement

We provide professional recording of voice announcements and scheduled playback, free your staff from
broadcasting desk.

Store Chain

We provide corresponding digital accounts for your stores, and full access to the playlists and
monitoring function.

Professional License

We represent complete license for playing background music, avoiding all legal risks for the customers,
even deliver content to fellow companies in the same industry.

Content Licensing

Complete Music License, Free from Legal Risks

Sound-Genie Background Music Library is currently the only music library in China that represents the complete copyright authorization from domestic and foreign record labels and license aggregators and approved by the government also. The music library is managed by an independently developed copyright management system. After 10 years of B2B BGM service practice and betterment, the compatibility between the content usage of the music library and the specific business format has been continuously improved.

Sync License, And Other License

Sound-Genie Background Music Library also offers sync license for use in film and advertising to ensure the copyright security of video works, and background music license for websites and promotional websites, outdoor fountains and light shows.  

We Deliver Music Content to the Industry

Sound-Genie Background  Music Library not only obtained the authorization of background music service in China and Asia but also obtained sub-licensing rights of these music catalogues in China and Asia. Through the music library, a few background music service providers have already obtained a  license to solve copyright issues in the service. Sound-Genie welcomes any consultation from fellow companies and applications for music library licensing.

Sound-Genie Background Music

Changing Customer Experience by Remarkable Music

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